After a productive Friday creative session, we’ve sorted our @ChipShopAwards entries and are fine-tuning them in studio.

A rhetorical question.

As a copywriter, it’s essential that I understand rhetorical devices in order to make my copy persuasive, and using them has become something close to second nature.

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Anatomy of an advert.

My favourite ad is one for Baileys, the alcoholic cream liquor. It’s a TV advert which ran at Christmas a few years ago.

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Is Snapchat changing the face of brand marketing?

More and more UK brands are now using Snapchat as a powerful marketing tool.

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There’s a lively debate about font kerning going on in the studio this morning #agencylife

The halftime show.

The Super Bowl is responsible for some of the most expensive ad slots ever. But do brands play it safe or push it too far?

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