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The Future of Digital Interfaces

I recently visited Birmingham Design Festival, which was a feast for the digital and graphical minds of the Midlands. One talk that stuck with me was from Johanna Drewe (Studio Output) on Future Interfaces. I couldn’t shake the questions that she provoked in me – how can we embrace the future of interfaces as both designers and consumers?

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Beyond help

Businesses aren’t interested in your help. They don’t want it, because they don’t need it. They’re not incapable. Nor are they infirm, weak or stupid.

Yet we see the ‘help’ word used all the time. Clearly, there are loads of people out there who are only too happy to rely on the trusty ‘help’ word. It’s become the go-to term for traditional B2B propositions, where phrases like ‘helping you grow your business’ or ‘helping you attract more customers’ are the norm. But does ‘help’ always cut it?

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Component-Based Web Design

Working with new designers and developers often means throwing different ways of working into the mix. Each brings favoured tools. Each has preferred processes. It’s little wonder confusion often ensues. One answer could well be a design-development process we have recently agreed through an incredible collaboration. This is based on the decision to shift from page-based to component-based design. Let me share why we made this shift and the benefits we’re seeing.

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The prodigy

Earlier this year, at a Sotheby’s auction, an Untitled artwork of a skull created with oil stick and spray paint set a new record high for any U.S. artist at auction, selling for $110,500,000 to a Japanese collector. The artist was Jean Michel Basquiat.

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Under the influence

Influencer marketing is nothing new. It’s not magic and it’s definitely not a guarantee of success. Put simply, it’s word of mouth. But don’t underestimate the power of the people, especially when their voice is amplified on social media.

Influencer marketing has been around for some time – from product placement to celebrity endorsements. But like most things online, it’s evolved with social media. In that space anyone can be famous, even for 5 minutes. Anyone can become an artist, critic or stylist. And anyone can become an informer or influencer of the people.

The question is, how do you harness the power of the masses?

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