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What does a UX Review involve?

A UX Review is a review of an existing product (normally a website or app), conducted by a UX expert, who will identify key usability issues and an improvement strategy to more accurately meet your user needs and business goals. These improvements can impact website conversions, brand loyalty, retention and referrals, to name a few.

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What is a UX Review and why do it?

A good UX Review will highlight ways to enhance your users online experience, resulting in a positive perception of your brand and increased conversions.

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How UX can improve your brand experience

We’ve seen a shift in the landscape where the primary interactions taking place with brands are happening solely through digital channels. Think Uber, Monzo, Amazon Prime, Airbnb, to name a few. Their brand success can be attributed to an intuitive, user friendly digital experience. It’s therefore critical that your online brand and website is performing at its highest.

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Are you content with your CMS?

Craft 3 is now a thing, and it's pretty cool. In fact we love Craft so much it's our CMS of choice. So let's discuss why Craft will take the throne from WordPress, and why Craft 3 will be the catalyst.

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The Future of Digital Interfaces

I recently visited Birmingham Design Festival, which was a feast for the digital and graphical minds of the Midlands. One talk that stuck with me was from Johanna Drewe (Studio Output) on Future Interfaces. I couldn’t shake the questions that she provoked in me – how can we embrace the future of interfaces as both designers and consumers?

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