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London Design Festival 2016.

Each year, the London Design Festival (LDF) celebrates London as one of the design capitals of the world and a gateway to the international creative community.

It’s a place to fuel your creativity because inspiration can be born from anything – a word, an image, visiting a new city, eating at a different restaurant. An event like this can spark all sorts of ideas that may go on to influence our work here in the studio.

Here are some of my highlights…

One of this year’s headliners is ‘The Smile’. This 34 metre wooden arc created by Alison Brooks is designed so that there are two platforms at either end, three metres up in the air, to offer viewers a new perspective.

Collaborating with Bert & May, Darkroom have utilised the novel space of ‘Bert’s Barge’ to host a pop-up shop. Moored on Regent’s Canal, Darkroom will showcase their latest collection while offering a unique retail experience.

Nest will be promoting new products for the home by selling inventively flavoured ice cream from a converted Volkswagen camper van – now that’s an experimental approach for the home automation pioneers. Nest say they’re hoping to “bring a taste of summer” to LDF by serving unique, “never before tasted ice creams that encompass the essence of ‘home'”.

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