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We hold creative sessions at Tribe to share anything creative, impressive and interesting that we’ve seen recently in the design world. It gives us a chance to unwind as a group, share inspiration and talk all things creative. From our recent creative session, I shared two pieces of work which really stood out for me.

London Cru branding, by The Partners

London Cru; the city’s first and oldest winery has a new logo and visual identity for the new LDN SW6 range. I was instantly drawn to the label of the bottle and the prominent illustrations of the leaf. By looking closely, you can see the clever twist. The minor details of the leaf illustrate an outline of the London map. Each bottle is unique and represents the distinctive vine leaf of each particular grape.

As a collection, LDN SW6 looks really distinctive and impactful. I love the simplicity of the designs and that by looking closer you can learn more. As a finishing touch each bottle is named after a London street that has a phonetic link. E.g. Chardonnay is named Charlotte St and Barbican represents the Barbera.

Ben Wilson, Chewing gum artist

Artist Ben Wilson paints mini masterpieces on blobs of chewing gum littering the streets and pavements. He has created over 10,000 of these works all over the UK and parts of Europe, including over 400 artwork pieces on the London Millennium bridge. Some of the masterpieces are extremely detailed and can take up to 3 hours to create. I find this really interesting because it is something unique and different to what you see every day. It takes the mundane and makes it magnificent.

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