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Put the pedal to the metal.

It’s F1 racing season, so what better way to feel the heat of the race than for Tribe to have a go on a circuit.

At Tribe, we have the desire to do things a bit differently – and our team days are exactly that. As an integral part of keeping things fresh in the studio and to keep us a united team our directors, Andy and Tracey, go to great lengths in organising something that pushes us outside our comfort zone, keeping us on our toes. We were given no clues as to what was in-store, only to arrive as normal and make sure we had trainers on.

It wasn’t until we were each presented with a package containing black balaclavas, we knew this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. Instead, it was an afternoon at Nottingham’s newest indoor karting track. This multi-level race track was full of hair-raising hairpins and challenging chicanes, but it was a great teamwork exercise, with some healthy competition added to the mix.

Senior web developer Kevin and co-driver, senior creative copywriter Roger, ranked first place, with a fastest lap time of 35.312. Throughout the race they maintained three laps ahead of the competing teams and were presented with a golden stag helmet to add to the Tribe award cabinet.

After a couple of hours on the track, we were ready for some refuelling ourselves. We all headed over to Tracey’s house for a BBQ, where we all compared score-sheets and showed good sportsmanship by offering Roger the last hotdog.

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