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The art of persuasion.

Choosing the right colours for your brand, as well as its products or services is not as simple as you’d think. But, nor is colour the most important element you need to consider either…

I love red. I always have. It’s a colour of power, passion, intensity, strength, love, blood, danger and action. Yellow on the other hand, is my least favourite. While it’s a colour that represents sunshine, happiness, brightness and optimism, it’s not a colour I’d choose to wear or have in my home, which makes me sound like a miserable old bag. I’m not, I like sunshine, sunflowers and being happy. I just don’t like yellow.

There are many other colours that I like and don’t like. Sometimes I know why and sometimes I don’t. My point is, if you take a moment to think about it, you’ll find that you feel a certain way about various colours too. That’s because we’re constantly interpreting and responding to the message our brains give us based on cultural, cognitive, visceral or emotional influences.

Back to the basics

This makes choosing the perfect colour/s for brand logo seem a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. By focusing on your brand values you’ll soon find there are colour associations to these values. For example, if your brand relies heavily on high-quality products and services, ethical practices consistency and reliability, you’re more likely to lean towards various types of blue as your primary or base colour. Why? Because blue denotes a sense of professionalism, trustworthiness, calmness, authority and reliability.

If you want to showcase your brand as edgy, innovative, and creative, orange is great as your dominant colour choice. Likewise, if your audience consists of teenage girls, pink, which denotes romance, girlishness and youthfulness would likely be your predominant colour base. 

This is just a glimpse into colour psychology – it goes far deeper than this and will take a series of blog posts to get to the nuts and bolts of it all and which will be explored in the weeks to come.

Brand recognition and affinity

As a new brand, the ultimate goal is positive brand recognition. And you’d think that your logo would be the first thing that reminds your target audience of you, but it’s not. It’s your actions and the logo attached to it. It’s how you’ve represented your brand. It’s what you do and how you do it. It’s through these repeated actions that make all the difference between memorable and forgettable brands.  

No matter what your position is in the market, everybody likes great customer service. But what your target audience will go crazy over is by taking things further than even they expect you to. 

Or get ahead of the competition by standing out and doing something unusual that impresses your audience and makes them take a second glance and gets people talking. Show your ethical stance on various issues as a brand whether it’s fiercely against animal cruelty, slave and child labour, education, healthcare, climate change – whatever it may be. 

Invite your audience into the inner workings on your company with intimate close ups of how you operate, who your employees are and who management is.

Show your strong presence on social media platforms and create applications that are easy to use for your target audience to make contact with you. Show them you listen to them, that you’re accessible and that you take them seriously. 

All these actions are followed very closely by your logo. And soon, your logo will be recognisable for all the right reasons and it won’t have had everything to do with colour. But choosing colours that reflect your values will go a long way to creating a brand that is instantly recognisable and loved if you follow through on your values.

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