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Opening our eyes to the world of print.

A few of us took a trip out of the studio recently to visit MX Display, a printers based in Derby and London. They are a leading producer and installer of high-quality printed graphics for signage, commercial spaces and public areas. I was excited to hear more about what they do and how I could potentially use their resources in future projects.

The interior of the building itself was inspirational. As we walked through we were surrounded with tactile examples of what they do; a mixture of vinyl graphics, printed wallpaper, vibrant canvases, PVC floor graphics and more. The example that I found the most fascinating was the fabric wall print; the material named as ‘Fabrigrab’ is becoming increasingly popular in retail and other commercial spaces. At first I couldn’t believe that the wall was made of fabric until I took a closer look. It’s great because it gives a real depth and vibrancy to the printed graphics and it can seamlessly fit around awkward objects like sockets and switches. It is also really simple and easy to replace, which is great for changing campaigns. I was also impressed with the light box on display, which to my surprise was also printed onto fabric rather than plastic.

We were shown a variety of projects that used different methods of printing. It made me realise how wall graphics can transform a space. By using different thicknesses of acrylic and vinyl for example, a typographic wall can be transformed into an impactful 3D piece. I was also intrigued that printed graphics can be used in less obvious places such as lifts and doors but also different surfaces. We were shown an example of aluminium-based substrate which is designed to mould around brickwork and other shapes. It appeared as though the graphics were painted directly onto the wall. We were also taken on a tour around the warehouse where all the printing takes place. It was interesting to see the work in progress and see the big printing machines. We were even able to take some samples back to the studio.

Visiting MX display was really refreshing and has opened my eyes to the printing capabilities and alternative options that I wouldn’t have considered when designing a space. This will certainly help me in further projects. I am looking forward to incorporating some of these methods into future projects at Tribe.

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