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A feast for the senses.

Technology is about to get even more amazing. We’ve heard it so many times over the past few years – augmented reality, artificial intelligence, growth of apps. But now society expects – no demands – ultimate flexibility and convenience at warp speed. So your brand best be ready.

The underlying motives of consumers has never changed – save me time, save me money, make it easier. Now, with the advancements of technology and the growing trend to keep up, these all have heightened meanings. What was once seen as quick is now dial up internet speed. So, how can a brand keep up with an ever-evolving business?

It’s still all about the customer

As cool as the current technology trends are, they have to be able to deliver on what the consumer actually wants and needs. (This can be a tool to increase brand affinity and improve brand conversations as an example).

Many large brands such as Pepsi are using technology as awareness campaigns. After all, what’s better than positive word of mouth? Large department stores and car showrooms are now introducing technology to help you shop more efficiently directing you where you need to go for a certain outfit or product, scanning items in and directing you to complementary pieces.

A feast for the senses

Managing expectations

You don’t have to be a tech giant to deliver some beneficial intelligence. Indeed, here’s the real secret of applying this trend: you don’t even need true AI. Rather, this trend is about serving the expectations that all of 2016’s hype will create. Serve those, and you’ll delight customers. That’s the real point of this, and every consumer trend.

Blippar campaigns have an average dwell time of 75 seconds – this is 2.5 times the average of radio or TV ads. Offering powerful social exposure of shareable content. Between 10%-20% of blipps are posted to Facebook and Twitter and seen by hundreds of followers per user, widening a brand’s reach.

As our lives become increasingly complicated and demanding, the solution for many is to be less mind full and more mindful – giving ourselves the time and space to breathe, reflect and regroup. This is where simple use of technology can save a consumer time and equip them with all the tools they need to manage their energy efficiently.

Examples of technological advancement

Consider Dumb Ways to Die, a simple game to promote rail safety. Now imagine a Gas Safety week version where we educate, inspire and add personality to the brand? This will open the market to a younger generation – a generation that consumes without thought or consequence.

Smart Reply, which was initially available in Google’s Inbox app for Android and iOS users, is a machine learning program from Google that automatically crafts individual email responses for Gmail users. Smart Reply scans email content and suggests three responses; users simply select their preferred option and press send. Over time, the program learns the user’s response habits and tailors future suggestions providing more natural communication.

As time progresses and technology evolves, the need for a brand to embrace technology is getting ever more present. If you’re not on board with technology and streamlining your consumer offer, the time to get up to speed is now. Don’t get left in the cold, embrace technology but focus on it having a clear purpose which benefits the consumer not you.

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